Datasheet & Operating Manuals


Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
Multifunction Meters
MFM384 Multifunction Meter_MFM384 Multifunction Meter_MFM384_Detail Operating Manual

MFM383A Multifunction Meter_MFM383A Multifunction Meter_MFM383A
MFM374 Multifunction Meter_MFM374 Multifunction Meter_MFM374
MFM384-R-C Multifunction Meter_MFM384 Multifunction Meter_MFM384_Detail Operating Manual

VAF Meter
VAF36A VAF Meter_36A VAF Meter_VAF36A_Detail Operating Manual
VAF39A VAF Meter_39A VAF Meter_39A_Detail Operating Manual
VAF39A-1 VAF Meter_39A-1 VAF Meter_39A-1_Detail Operating Manual
Energy Meters
EM368 Energy Meter_EM368 Energy Meter_EM368_Detail Operating Manual
EM306A Energy Meter_EM306A
Energy Meter_EM306A
MA12 Ammeter_MA12 Ammeter_MA12_Detail Operating Manual
MA202 Ammeter_MA202 Ammeter_MA202_Detail Operating Manual
MA302 Ammeter_MA302 Ammeter_MA302_Detail Operating Manual
MA501 Ammeter_MA501 Ammeter_MA501_Detail Operating Manual
MA201 Ammeter_MA201 Ammeter_MA201_Detail Operating Manual
MA2301 Ammeter_MA2301 Ammeter_MA2301_Detail Operating Manual
MV507 Voltmeter_MV507 Voltmeter_MV507_Detail Operating Manual
MV207 Voltmeter_MV207 Voltmeter_MV207_Detail Operating Manual
MV2307 Voltmeter_MV2307 Voltmeter_MV2307_Detail Operating Manual
MV15 Voltmeter_MV15 Voltmeter_MV15_Detail Operating Manual
MV205 Voltmeter_MV205 Voltmeter_MV205_Detail Operating Manual
MV305 Voltmeter_MV305 Voltmeter_MV305_Detail Operating Manual
MV334 Voltmeter_MV334 Voltmeter_MV305_Detail Operating Manual
Frequency Meter
MF16 Frequency Meter_MF16 Frequency Meter_MF16_Detail Operating Manual
MF216 Frequency Meter_MF216 Frequency Meter_MF216_Detail Operating Manual
MF316 Frequency Meter_MF316 Frequency Meter_MF316_Detail Operating Manual
Power Factor Meter
MP14 Power Factor Meter_MP14 Power Factor Meter_MP14_Detail Operating Manual
MP214 Power Factor Meter_MP214 Power Factor Meter_MP14_Detail Operating Manual
MP314 Power Factor Meter_MP314 Power Factor Meter_MP14_Detail Operating Manual
Automatic Power Factor Controller
APFC147 Automatic Power Factor Controller Automatic Power Factor controller
APFC148 Automatic Power Factor Controller


Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
MM101X PLCs_MM101X PLCs_MM101X_Detail Operating Manual
MM1012 PLCs_MM1012 PLCs_MM1012
MM1015 PLCs_MM1015 PLCs_MM1015
Digix Digix
Twix Twix
MM303X PLCs_MM303X PLCs_MM303X
MM3010 PLCs_MM3010 PLCs_MM3010
MM3032 PLCs_MM3032 PLCs_MM3032
SP3-GT35 PLCs_Flexys Panel TX4
Flexys GT 35 PLCs_Flexys GT 35
Flexys Panel TX4 PLCs_Flexys Panel TX4 PLCs_Flexys Panel TX4
Flexys Rail PLCs_Flexys Rail PLCs_Flexys Rail
Serial to Ethernet Converter Serial to Ethernet Converter
Flexys IO Expansion Modules PLCs_Flexys Rail PLCs_Flexys Rail  PLCs_Flexys Rail  PLCs_Flexys Rail
Selpro PLCs_Flexys Rail
IO Expansion Modules - IO610/630-2AI/TCR PLCs_IO6106302AITCR PLCs_IO6106302AITCR
Flexys-IO Expansion Modules-IO610/630-2AI/VI PLCs_IO6106302AIVI PLCs_IO6106302AIVI
IO Expansion Modules-IO610/630-2AO PLCs_IO6106302AO PLCs_IO6106302AO
IO Expansion Modules-IO610/630-4RO PLCs_IO6106304RO PLCs_IO6106304RO
IO Expansion Modules-IO610/630/4TO PLCs_IO6106304TO PLCs_IO6106304TO
IO Expansion Modules-IO610/630-8DI PLCs_IO6106308DI PLCs_IO6106308DI
Power Supply PLCs_Power Supply
Interface Converters PLCs_Interface Converters

Protection Relay

Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
800 & 600 Series
600PSR Protection Relay_600PSR
PSR1 Protection Relay_PSR1 PSR1
PSR2 Protection Relay_PSR2 PSR1
600VPR-310/520 Protection Relay_600VPR-310/520 Protection Relay_600VPR-310/520
600VPR-170-290V Protection Relay_600VPR-310/520
600VPR-1 Protection Relay_600VPR-1
VPRA2M Protection Relay_VPRA2M Protection Relay_VPRA2M
800PSR Protection Relay_800PSR
ELR600-3-230 Protection Relay_ELR600-230 Protection Relay_ELR600-230
ELR600-3-12/24 Protection Relay_ELR600-230 Protection Relay_ELR600-230
ELR600 Protection Relay_ELR600 Protection Relay_ELR600-230
Digital Protection Relay-900 series
900VPR-2-280/520 Protection Relay_900VPR-2-280/520 Protection Relay_900VPR-2-280/520
900ELR-2-230 Protection Relay_900ELR-2 Protection Relay_900ELR-2-230
900CPR-1 Protection Relay_900 CPR-1 Protection Relay_900 CPR-1
900CPR-3 Protection Relay_900 CPR-3 Protection Relay_900 CPR-3
900VPR-BL-U-CE Protection Relay_900VPR-BL-U-CE.pdf
VPRD2M Protection Relay_VPRD2M.PDF Protection Relay_VPRD2M
900CPR-1-1-BL-230V-CE Protection Relay_900CPR-1-1-BL-230V-CE.PDF
CPRD2M-1-1-230V-CE Protection Relay_CPRD2M-1-1-230V-CE
900CPR-1-BL-U Protection Relay_900CPR-1-BL-U
900CPR-3-1-BL-230V-CE Protection Relay_900CPR-3-1-BL-230V-CE
WLCA2M1 Protection Relay_WLCA2M1 Protection Relay_WLCA2M1


Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals


Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
Rate Indicator
RC2106 Rate Indicator_RC2106 Rate Indicator_RC2106
RC2108 Rate Indicator_RC2108 Rate Indicator_RC2108
RC2100 Rate Indicator_RC2100 Rate Indicator_RC2100
RC100 Rate Indicator_RC100 Rate Indicator_RC2100
RC5100 Rate Indicator_RC5100 Rate Indicator_RC2100
RC102C Rate Indicator_RC102C Rate Indicator_RC102C
XC200NX Programmable/Preset_XC200NX Programmable/Preset_XC200NX
XC1200 Programmable/Preset_XC1200 Programmable/Preset_XC1200
XTC5400 Programmable/Preset_XTC5400 Programmable/Preset_XTC5400
XC22B Programmable/Preset_XC22B Programmable/Preset_XC22B
XC410 Totalizers_XC410 Totalizers_XC410
XC10D Totalizers_XC10D Totalizers_XC10D
LXC900 Totalizers_LXC900 Totalizers_LXC900


Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
22.5 Din Rail Timers
800M 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800M
800POD 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800POD 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800POD
800S 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800S
800XC 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XC
800XU 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XU 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XU
800XA 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XA 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XA
800XMR 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800XMR
800SQ-A 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800SQ-A
800SD-2 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800SD-2 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800SD-2
800SQ-A 22.5 Din Rail Timers_800SQ-A
17.5 Din Rail Timer
600SD 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600SD 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600SD
600ST 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600ST 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600ST
600U 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600U 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600U
600XU 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600XU 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600XU
600SD 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600SD 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600SD
600DT 17.5 Din Rail Timer_600DT 17.5 Din Rail Timers_600DT
Plug/Panel Mounted Timers
55XC Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55XC Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55XC
55XU Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55XU Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55XU
55M Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55M Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55M
55ES Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55ES Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55ES
55Q Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55Q Plug/Panel Mounted Timers_55Q
Dual Display Multifunction Timer
XT246 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT246 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT246
XT346 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT346 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT346
XT546 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT546 Dual Display Multifunction Timer_XT546
Digital Timer
XT5042 Digital Timer_XT5042 Digital Timer_XT5042
XT56N Digital Timer_XT56N Digital Timer_XT56N
XT264 Digital Timer_XT246 Digital Timer_XT264
XT364 Digital Timer_XT364 Digital Timer_XT364
XT242 Digital Timer_XT242 Digital Timer_XT242
XT520 Digital Timer_XT520 Digital Timer_XT520
XT532-N Digital Timer_XT532-N Digital Timer_XT532-N
Sequential Timer
PT380 Digital Timer_PT380 Digital Timer_PT380
Time Measuring Instruments
LT920 Digital Timer_LT920 Digital Timer_PT380
LT945 Digital Timer_LT945
TI103C Digital Timer_TI103C Digital Timer_TI103C
TT412 Digital Timer_TT412 Digital Timer_TT412
TT12 Digital Timer_TT12 Digital Timer_TT12

Process Indicator

Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
PIC101N Process Indicator_PIC101N Process Indicator_PIC101N
PIC101A-VI-230 Process Indicator_PIC101A Process Indicator_PIC101A
PIC101A-T-230 Process Indicator_PIC101A-T-230 Process Indicator_PIC101A-T-230
PIC152N Process Indicator_PIC152N Process Indicator_PIC152N
PIC1000N Process Indicator_PIC1000N Process Indicator_PIC1000N
PIC101N Process Indicator_PIC101N Process Indicator_PIC101N

Temperature Controller

Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals
TC513 Temperature Controller_TC513 Temperature Controller_TC513
DTC204A-2_324A-2 Temperature Controller_DTC204A-2_324A-2 Temperature Controller_DTC204A-2_324A-2
TC203 Temperature Controller_TC203 Temperature Controller_TC203
TC303 Temperature Controller_TC303 Temperature Controller_TC303
TC518 Temperature Controller_TC518 Temperature Controller_TC518
TC533 Temperature Controller_TC533 Temperature Controller_TC533
TC544 Temperature Controller_TC544 Temperature Controller_TC544
TC244 Temperature Controller_TC244 Temperature Controller_TC244
TC344 Temperature Controller_TC344 Temperature Controller_TC344
TC52 Temperature Controller_TC52 Temperature Controller_TC52
PID528 Temperature Controller_PID528 Temperature Controller_PID528
PID110 Process Indicator_PID110 Process Indicator_PID110
PID330 Process Indicator_PID330 Process Indicator_PID330
PID500 Process Indicator_PID500 Process Indicator_PID500
CH403 Temperature Controller_PID528 Temperature Controller_CH403
PR502 Temperature Controller_PR502 Temperature Controller_PR502

Current Transformer

Product Name Data Sheets Operating Manuals